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How much does a piano cost?

How much does a piano cost?

How much does a piano cost? You can check prices of instruments anywhere on the Internet, for instance  on Whereas, the whole thing is much more complicated.

The more we can pay for the instruments, we will choose a piano that looks and sounds better. The new one would be the best.

Unfortunately not everyone can afford it. What is more, when someone is buying a piano for the first time, he wants his piano to be playable and cost as little as possible. While preparing to purchase you have to be aware of that buying a piano is not the only cost. Both, in case of new, or used one, there are some additional costs. In one case we pay once, and some costs are cyclic.

Piano cared properly can work for ages. Therefore there are plenty of adverts of used pianos. If we cannot spend at least 2000 EUR for a new one, buying used one, can be a solution. Prices of those instruments are much lower. Despite more additional costs, we will finally pay less then for a new piano.

Costs of used pianos can be presented in following list:

  • checking instruments whit the tuner

  • buying an instrument

  • transport

  • tuning, regulation, possible repairs

  • maintaining appropriate air conditions

  • cyclic tuning

    checking instruments with the tuner

    First step to get our “new” piano is browsing and sorting listings. It is pretty sure we will choose a few interesting offers. If our daily routine is repairing and tuning pianos, we go watch and examine those. If we are not a specialist, what might happen, we can of course read some guides for piano buyers, but our knowledge cannot compare to experienced professional tuner. It is wise to take a tuner for such a visits. He will advice if this instrument is worth buying, and tell about needed repairs. One visit can cost about 12 EUR. If the distance is long remember about the petrol.

buying an instrument

Buying chosen instrument is another thing.

New pianos costs from about 2000 EUR up to 30 000 EUR.

Whereas used one you can get for a little, symbolic prices, but there are 24 000 EUR used pianos too. When used piano costs about 950 EUR it is almost sure, that piano will be ready to play after tuning. If we want to buy the cheapest piano, we can get it for even 25 EUR, but we cannot expect anything from it. It will need tuning, regulation, and the case won’t look like brand new. If, despite of this, it has all keys and strings and the soundboard has no cracks, maybe we are lucky ones, and this is rare and interesting offer. Being a realist, while searching a clear tone piano to use it every day, we should be ready to spend about 500 EUR only for the instrument. Then, after proper analysis, we will find a piano for us.


Next aspect to deal with is transport. Valuation of transport depends on:

  • distance

  • weight

  • value

  • floor

  • additional difficulties

    Some transport companies want to get paid for each floor – about 25 EUR. During winter time it is needed to pack the instrument and transport it in heated cab. Big temperature and moisture amplitudes can make bending and cracks in a soundboard or case. Professional company can transport piano in the area of one city from 70 to 190 EUR.

tuning, regulation, possible repairs

When the piano is ours, and it is situated, where we wanted it to be, we take the tuning-fork, wedge mutes, stick mutes, tuning leveler, and we tune the piano. If we can’t, what also can happen, we invite a piano tuner. Besides the tuning our piano needs regulation, or minor repairs. These services costs from 60 up to 350 EUR.

maintaining appropriate air conditions and cyclic tuning

Now, when we already have the piano, and we can play on it, we should care about it. This is good to tune piano once a year, or if we play often like one hour a day, twice a year.

Humidity in piano room should oscillate between 42-55%. Therefore we need an hygrometer, or even humidifier. Hygrometer that costs about 15 EUR will be sufficient, whereas a humidifier costs about 35 EUR. 

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