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How often piano tuning is required, how long it takes, how much it costs?

If you plan to order a piano tuning service you should know how to prepare for it. How much money should you allocate for it, how much time will it take? What is the best time to invite a piano tuner? Caring about a piano properly also means tuning it regularly. In the long run, it is not only reasonable but also economical.

In “used pianos” sale offers there is information “the instrument needs tuning”. It is obvious. Every piano needs tuning after placing it in a new place, especially when it was transported hundreds miles. If all keys generally play correct sounds, it is advisable to wait a month before first tuning when the piano gets accustomed to new conditions.

Even if the piano sounds correct it won’t last forever. Piano tuning is a service that should be repeated regularly. Even if you can’t hear any difference in sound after a year, it does not mean that tuning is not needed. Owing to regular tuning, those services will costs less and take less time.

If you already have an instrument in your house, it is generally advised to tune a piano twice a year in case you play often, about one hour a day. The tension of the strings is strongly temperature dependent, so it is recommended to order tuning service when there are the greatest temperature fluctuations. It is in spring when it’s getting warmer and warmer, and during autumn when the heating season begins.

If you play less than an hour per day, tuning once a year may be enough.

In both cases these are the best solutions working only with cared for instruments that are tuned regularly and are stored in appropriate conditions.

The price of routine piano tuning oscillates between:

from 90$ to 200$ in the USA

form 50£ to 80£ in Great Britain

from 70€ to 100€ in Germany

from 80€ 100€ in France

from 150zł to 300 zł in Poland

It can take from 1,5 hour up to a few hours.

If the last tuning took place over a dozen years ago, two tunings in a row might be necessary with the second one done even after one week. It is possible that other repair services might be also needed.

Production or tuning during repairs such as string exchange, tuning pins or soundboards is yet another situation.

In the case of new tuning pins, the tuning process is proceeded by jerking each string with the fingers and correcting the pitch. Each tone is then tuned half of a tone higher.

If the soundboard is new, tuning has to be done four times. The first time has to be done by jerking the strings. It takes from 10 to 20 days.

If the piano has new strings the same four-step process is needed. However, it takes a bit longer, from 20 up to even 50 days. In this case, the price of piano tuning can be 5 o 6 times higher than that of routine tuning.

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