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Playing the piano, benefits Vol. 1 MIND & MOTOR. 30 reasons to practice

The benefits of playing the piano are not only numerous, but their quality is also impressive. Scientists carried out a lot of  research on the beneficial influence of music on human beings. Mere listening to the music harmonizes many aspects of our life, whereas playing on our own develops many other aspects of our life.


iq increase

  1. Playing the piano increases your IQ.
    According to the IQ tests carried out on children under 7, the ones who learnt to play the piano achieved 7,5 IQ points more than the kids who never learnt to play any instrument.1,4,5

    learning comfort reading


  2. Learning comfort
    Playing newer and newer pieces requires practicing new melodies and chords. This process of enjoyable learning helps to associate the act of acquisition with pleasure making learning comfortable. 5

    eye touch ear sences cooperation


  3. Senses cooperation
    When playing the piano both eyesight and hearing are involved. Eyesight when reading notes and locating keys, and hearing while analyzing the quality of playing and touch which actually produces music. 6


    motor coordination

  4. Motor coordination
    It might seem that we play the piano using only fingers. However, apart from both hands we also use a foot to push pedals. If someone wants to sing at the same time, their mouth is also involved.3


    whole brain activity muscles barbells

  5. Whole brain activity
    Functional magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography are methods of brain imaging. They show that while reading or counting only particular parts of the brain are active. However, listening to the music activates almost every part of the brain.6


     imagination analitical thinking cerebral hemisphere

  6. Combined imagination and analytical thinking
    Corpus callosum is a part of brain responsible for communication between left and right cerebral hemisphere. Playing the piano activates this area to a great extent. As a result, we develop imagination as well as analytical thinking.3,6


    enchaned concentration focus meditation

  7. Enhanced concentration
    Playing songs correctly requires concentration. We train it every time we practice playing the piano. In order to play a piece the way it was written, you have to practice a sequence of pushing keys in a correct rhythm. Not focused, we will not hear the beauty of music.3


    alertness cat mouse hole


  8. It raises our alertness

Minding the rhythm and correct keys constantly raises our alertness. Every mistake we make is unpleasant to hear, so we take care to be more exact next time we practice.


strengthens alertness shield of arms aileron


  1. Effectiveness and creativity
    Pianists plan cleverly and successfully create their strategies paying attention to details at the same time. 1,6


    learning effects memory note heart

  2. Learning effects – memory
    Piano players memorize things by remembering conceptual, emotional and sound content which they can place in proper contexts.2,3,6