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Is it possible to play Doom on piano? Check it out!

Finally someone has created something that will satisfy computer geeks and pianist enthusiasts in the same time. With the use of this piano you can play … doom – one of the classic computer games popular in past decades.

Dooom’s piano was created by a few enthusiasts, among them Mikołaj Kaminski, David Hayward, George Buckenham and Ricky Haggett. Playing computer game with piano as controller ? Now it is possible. How? The creators used the copper tape and I-PAC coder. With this instrument you can control your character on the screen by pressing piano keys. You use white keys to steer the activities of your character and black keys to shoot and open the door. 
Where do you find the monitor to control your character ? The piano has a built-in specialistic monitor in the case of the piano.  When you play doom, the piano creates its natural sound. But can one call it music ? Check it yourself. 
The only thing you can do now is to see this amazing instrument . We invite you to watch the video !