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The world premiere of a piano concerto in h minor of Moszkowski

On Jan 9, during the concert of the Thursday’s Musical Meetings at the National Philharmonic was the world premiere of the recently discovered Moritz Moszkowski Piano Concert in h minor, performed by Bulgarian artists – pianist Ludmila Angelova and conductor Vladimir Kiradjiev. Artists were accompanied by Carpathian Philharmonic Orchestra.

Ignacy Jan Paderewski wrote and  showed his opinion about Moszkowski – “After Chopin, Moszkowski best understands how to write for the piano, and his songs have a full range of piano techniques.”
Moritz Moszkowski was a German composer, piano virtuoso and conductor in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. He composed many songs but most of his work is not known to the general public. However, he is known to all adepts of the piano. His concert’s repertoire is sadly in the shadow, and his most well-known song is Piano Concert in E major (see on YOUTUBE). The discovery from 2011, gave to the world an information that the first concert for piano and orchestra in h minor, Moszkowski wrote at the age of twenty years. The song had never been published before. This occurred just in 2013. The song is now the flagship of the Bulgarian duo Ludmil Angelov and Vladimir Kiradjiev. They turned into great display of virtuosity.

Pianist, Ludmil Angelov became famous as an excellent interpreter of new and little-known works. In Warsaw, he played with the Carpathian Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of Rzeszow under the direction of Vladimir Kiradjiev.

Red. on the base of information of  National Philharmonic