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Seiler Variations.

Seiler Variations.

Seiler, Ed Seiler, Eduard Seiler, Johannes Seiler. All of these names are present on particular Seiler instruments. What is the reason for such varied naming?

Seiler is a piano brand that produces high quality pianos since 1849. It is named after it’s founder – Eduard Seiler. This is very popular procedure in so many piano brands.

Nowadays Seiler produces instruments named: Seiler, Eduard Seiler, Johannes Seiler. Back in the days they signed pianos with Ed. Seiler, but they don’t do it any more. Despite this, sometimes we can read about Ed. Seiler, but this name is used to describe Eduard series. Unfortunately it is disturbing and can cause misunderstandings.

From 2008 Seiler company cooperate with Samick corporation. They commission some works with their instruments. C. Bechstein brand also applied similar solution. Samick has large factory in Indonesia, where mechanized production allows to reduce costs.

Ed Seiler

Such a signature placed on case or soundboard can be a warrant of at least two things. Firstly it is an older instrument. Secondly it was surely made in Germany, because it was created before cooperation with Samick. None of new instrument has Ed Seiler signature.


Official website ensures that models of this series are 100% German made. Production of particular elements, assembling and finising works are all made in Germany. These are top quality pianos of this brand.

Eduard Seiler

If an instrument has Eduard Seiler name it shows it’s been made in Asia. Verticals and grands Eduard Seiler are produced of selected materials provided by international suppliers in Samick factory in Indonesia. They use there German CNC machines. These are set to trim each element according to German handcrafted pianos.

Johannes Seiler

The newest series of Seiler brand was established in 2013. Among other models of Seiler this one has the lowest prices. The whole production process proceed in Samick factory. Mechanisms instaled in Johannes Seiler are the best of those produced in Samick factory. Shape of each model case is specific. None of the other models of brands produced in Samick factory doesn’t use projects of Johannes Seiler.

Extension of the Seilers offer to Eduard and Johannes series, increases amount of potential customers. What is important, with new names variations, prices of instruments go down. It may be a decisive factor in question of buying. German brand Seiler has a good reputation for many years. Despite the fact it is more intercontinental, than European, it sill provides high quality  pianos.