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Professional miniature of piano

Tiny Piano is a miniature of piano for children, which can motivate them to learn to play piano in the future. At first glance, it’s a toy like many others, that imitate real instruments. The manufacturer -Korg- has equipped them with all necessary parts, just like the real piano.
The piano has 25 keys. Each of them gives an unique high quality sound, almost like a perfectly tuned piano. It has also many different additions like different bells, organ or keybord. Therefore, this instrument is considered to be very versatile.

Korg tinyPiano Toy Piano – Exclusive First UK Demo – by

Built-in memory holds 50 pieces of music, including songs for children and classical. Thus, it can be used to play a lullabies for children before they go to sleep. Piano’s sound seems to be appropriate for young children (appropiate intensity and volume). The price of the product seems to be quite attractive, $ 250 is not a lot for such a toy.
The name of the producer – Korg – speaks for itself. The company has more than 50 years of experience.

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