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Monster Piano – piano that you can play on using your feets.

Monster Piano is a two-octave and 25 keys instrument, designed primarily for children. It is also a great fun for adults who like both the piano and new technology. The price is… $ 6,500 (basic version). The piano is made of durable acrylic and designed for long term use. It is available in several versions (different number of octaves).


Monster Piano resembles the construction of a piano. Its keys are so large that the game is done by… feets. Each octave of the instrument is about 1.40 m. Three octaves of the piano occupy more than 4m. Set of five octaves needs more than 6.5 m. Monster Piano can play on any surface.


Phantom of the Opera, Bach Duo on a floor keyboard – by
The ideal solution when buying, it’s a set of three or five octaves. And such instruments are sold the most often. But, you can also select the version of two octaves. Modules can be connected together using powerful magnets that make installing and uninstalling really easy. Each of them contains a power supply and interconnection systems. Each module is a separate unit and weighs about a hundred kg.

The principle of Monster Piano is very simple. The piano has a built-in server which allows users to connect with their personal computers via the Internet. Users can control all the functions of software with use of their iPhones, iPads, Android devices, tablets or desktop computer.

Monster Piano complete package includes the keyboard, speakers and software to teach music and dance, with the possibility of recording and metronome. The package also includes light panel – tutorial contains sample songs (solos, duets and trios), which illuminate, depending on the tone that you want play out. All keys are marked with a super bright LED built-in. The package also includes a guide for the teacher.

The purchase price for the mini version is $ 6,500, 3-octave version (36 keys) worths $ 14.000, the highest 60-key (5 octaves) is valued for $ 21.000.

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