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Levitating piano

Poznan Airport “Ławica”, since december 2013 has been a host of an unusual art installation, which was co-created by company “Pianina Fortepiany Serwis Mgr Inż. Marek Musiał” from Bierna. The installation is a dummy of grand piano with appropriate appearance and sizes, which hangs from the ceiling at the airport.

Levitating piano
Levitating piano – photo by ASP Poznan

Installation determines the specific parameters of the instrument, the company of Mr Mark chose Bluethner concert grand piano with a length of about 280 cm.
The instrument that was used to create the installation was suitable for complete renovation. Its renovation would be unprofitable, but it can successfully serve as a dummy after a proper repair. Dummy’s cover was supposed to look like a new instrument finished in a black lacquer with high gloss. It was suppose to be as light as possible. Mr. Marek’s employees had to think about what parts should be taken out of an instrument to make the construction as light as possible and at the same time strong and stable. The design of the piano was supplemented with dummy keyboard. There were also implemented speakers and electronic components.
That unusual installation is called “Epitafium dla Komedy”. Its originator is prof. Piotr Kurek. Levitating piano is a metaphor of the artist in the symbolic space of transit. It was created in cooperation with the foundation ” Vox Artis” and Poznan Gallery “Arsenal”.
Recipient, in order to fully understand the work, must sit on an upholstered piece of furniture under the grand piano. Then, from speakers placed in the instrument, he can hear songs of Krzysztof Komeda performed by Jan Jęchorka.
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