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How to prepare your instrument to sell?

We’re moving out, stop playing the instrument, our child doesn’t want to learn to play anymore! These are other reasons, which force us to get rid of the piano or grand piano. The first step? We ask our friends. Another one? We put it on an online auction …
Let me quote a piece of text on the sale of the piano by Internet-bloggers. there was talk of damage just after the sale of the instrument when picked up by the client:
“- I’m so ashamed. We wrote that the piano is in very good condition, but it was a piece of junk., I played on it, I said that it requires only tuning and slightly dusty and that’s all. But I wasn’t looking, what was inside.
– What was there ??
– Moths ate our piano!
– Moths?? You mean termites?
– Moths have eaten most of the felt. There is practically no felt left. When you touch it in your fingers it turns to dust. felt. Besides the timber inside is in bad condition. Really large repair awaits this instrument. This is really embarrassing, that guy has ridden half way across Poland. We sold it for 100 pounds  … In this way we got rid of the instrument … ” 
What should we do to avoid failure in sales ?Visually, our instrument is ideal for us, it looks nice and even seems to sounds good. But what’s inside? Is it real value does it suit our expectations? Finally, is it properly prepared to sell?
In industry, many companies provide services that will help us in sales, that adequately prepare your piano or grand piano. And generally best left to the specialist. Why? Because such a service increase the attractiveness and value of the instrument at the same time is good for a potential customer. He can play, check out Full audio qualities of the instrument. The customer then receives a guarantee for the smooth operation of the hammers and also gets rid of the fear of buying a defective instrument.
The scope of such services shall often tuning a piano, perform adjustments, hammer and a guarantee of the buyer on the smooth operation of the hammers. These services may include the valuation of the piano and placing ads in certified used pianos in the marketplace, as well as take pictures of, or preparation of professional description – although, in principle, the last two steps you can try to do it yourself. In the article “How to write a good ad?” posted on our website because we suggest some useful hints in that matter.
Sometimes even a small cost of preparation could improve the attractiveness of your instrument. In Great Britain the estimated price for example. Tuning is a small cost:
Tuning pianos: from 50 pounds (depending on distance)
Other operations – the issue of contractual technician-tuner.
Find piano tuner in your area –
Unfortunately in case of heavily damaged, old and cheap pianos, many tuners discourage such a service. It isn’t too profitable for either the seller or potential buyer. It may turn out that the service itself exceeds the value of the instrument. It is, therefore, to look at him first befriended specialist. If not – this during a telephone conversation tuner needs some relevant information on which can be pre-determine on us the approximate value of the instrument (brand, company, year of manufacture, number of keys, the number of pedals, the approximate visual).
So we wish you profitable sales.