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Blind Patryk shows the beauty of the music of Chopin

Patrycjusz Kisła is an extremely talented blind pianist from Legnica. He began playing at the age of 12 years. He currently thinks about taking studies at the Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw. Music is a priority for him. 

From youtube – Chopin.Polonez A-dur Patryk Kisła Legnica –

When Patrick performs his interpretations of Chopin’s works, they are very warmly received by the audience. Chopin is for him an absolute classic, who had a huge impact on his style and execution. In addition, young man from Legnica also plays Franz Liszt, Beethoven, Mozart and Haydn.
Patrick wants to popularize classical music and Chopin. He wants to organize in Legnica concerts, evenings or mornings with Chopin music. He hopes that city authorities will help him in that. He wants to show the beauty of music, but he wants to play with other young people who could show their abilities. Patrick is also gifted artistically, sculpts in ceramics, practices aikido, shot with a bow. In 2011, He performed in the National Philharmonic, in 2012 at the National Library. Now waiting for the next call …