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Adorable grand’s piano’s baby – an unusual teenager

He just achieved 15 years, but has already won fame and became an international star of classical music. When Mark Yu sits down to the piano, he turns into a true master and unquestionably a musical genius who plays almost perfectly.

There were many talented childreen that were supposed to be genius of piano. But he is different…

Mark Yu was born in January 1999 in Pasadena, California. He listened to Beethoven’s music already in the womb that his mother being pregnant, herself played the piano. Thus, Mark as an infant was striking rhythmic sounds, and at the age of two years, he played on the keyboard the song that he heard in the radio without anyone’s help. The following months brought more surprises, in the short time he learned to play Beethoven’s sonatas on two hands. At the age of less than three years, he gave his first piano recital! In January 2005, five days after his sixth birthday, he was chosen to play a concert at the prestigious Virginia Waring International Piano Competition, in which participates young pianists. During his seventh birthday, his greatest dream was fulfilled. He and his mother were invited to dinner by Lang Lang – an internationally renowned Chinese pianist , who is an absolute idol for Mark.

Currently, he plays an average of five to eight hours a day and a lot of concerts. How will the further career of this unusual teenager develop?
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