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What you should look for  when you are adding the ad of the sale of your grand piano  or piano? 

You have the instrument for sale. Do you want to get a good price? Do you want yours to be most visible and best among the thousands of ads? In the Internet, in a variety of auctions, there can be seen trying to draw attention to a potential buyer. From short ads, often too short and too vague announcements, to stretched, with history of the manufacturer or information about the seller included.


Many of them are well or acceptably constructed. Unfortunately, a large part of ads on popular auction sites reads: “Piano for sale, old, antique. Condition as in pictures. Info by the phone “ or ” Piano to learning. Very good condition. Requires minor repairs and tuning.” At the same topic they contain only the phrase “Grand piano “, “piano “, or ” For sale “. Is it encourages for the potential buyer? Rather, it confuses and frightens. Without the name of the manufacturer, model number, instrument number, or year of production, it is difficult to estimate what we’re dealing with. It is difficult to determine its value. You should consider that the potential buyer will be the person, who knows about pianos or grand pianos, at least good, and wants to buy it for the purpose of the game. The information in the notice must be specific and concise, contain the most important data of the instrument.

It is also good to post some pictures of very good quality, where you can see the most important elements of the instrument for 


Here we go … Guide

If you have already collected such information, it can be entered on the notice board. Aware of the fact that you gave an exhaustive list of information about your instrument.

We offer an industry professional portal in which free and easily add ad, with the certainty that it will go to a worldwide audience.

It remains to wish you good luck in the sale.