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What differs C. Bechstein and Bechstein?

C. Bechstein brand as the one of top pianos and grand pianos manufacturer introduced models signed only with the surname of the founder, Bechstein (formerly Bechstein Academy), without „C” – first letter of his name. That caused a long discussions on piano forums, where it is hardly possible to get honest information about differences between instruments with the „C” and without.

Main reason for doing that was wish to gain amount of customers. Nowadays, when cheap Asian models are available, German brand wider range of products to instruments that costs less, but still have as high quality as it is possible.

C. Bechstein instruments are handcrafted following the rigorous standards and guidelines, made of the best materials. It of course costs a lot. While Bechstein models are constructed, some steps of productions are done by machines, that reduces costs. C. Bechstein is loyal to tradition and makes everything following tested methods. Whereas Bechstein is more open to technical innovations as well in materials context, as in construction solutions.
Both series are produced in the same place – Germany, Saxony, Seifhennersdorf, next to Czech Republic boarder. All of components to each series are selected and tested by piano masters of C. Bechstein. During constructing Bechsteins nobody forgets about tone, playable and of course, as it always is in case of brand with the traditions, longevity.

Some people says that after lower prices must goes consequences. Cheaper ones gets older, and worse, whereas good, expensive ones matures. This thesis seems to be a result of bright logic, but it is based on analogy to Asian products, not on experience with this brand. You can find an opinions of satisfied pianist used both brands, and even those who prefer Bechstein than C. Bechstein. Let’s look at it from the practical point of view. Instruments are made for making and playing music. C. Bechstein sounds differently than Bechstein, that one can like it more or less. As well first as the second may it’s supporters.

German brand isn’t isolated with modify its name and selling products with this signature. Different companies such as: Kawai, Steinway & Sons or August Forster decided to does similar actions. In each case it has specific meaning, but for all of them it was marketing action done for increase in trade and strengthening market position.