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Technology that enables to learn to play piano quickly

How did your adventure with the piano start? How was your first piano lesson? Today’s technology increasingly diversifies our learning opportunities, including playing on the instruments. An innovative product in the industry is a projecting screen “Technicolor”, which helps to master the technique of playing on the keyboard. 

The Projected Instrument Augmentation – by
The system: “The Projected Instrument Augmentation” was developed by pianists Katja Rogers, Amrei Rohlig and their colleagues at the University of Ulm in Germany. The screen is attached to an electric piano. It has colour blocks customized to display the notes beneath the keys. Coloured blocks fall down the screen at the point where the sound should be played. 
The system also indicates incorrectly played notes. 

Research about the usefulness and efficiency of learning with the help of this system are in progress. So far, the results are positive. As the specialists say, the system improves the technical skills of players when practicing with the teacher, but it does not allow for individual interpretation of the song. If we all learn to play piano with the help of this system, everyone would sound the same. 
Thus, this system does not serve as the sole source of learning to play piano, but can be very useful as a teaching aid.