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Piano Forum in Sanok finished.

On 9th February in Sanok, Piano Forum “Bieszczady without borders” finished. Nearly 200 performers participated in 38 concerts. They played in 23 cities from three countries: Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia. Forum lasted from 1st to 9th February.

Concerts were watched by over 5,000 spectators in hall and nearly 100 thousand via the Internet, as some of the concerts taking place in Sanok were broadcasted via the Internet.
During the Final Show on 9 th of February, works of Johann Sebastian Bach’s were interpretated by the most talented pianists from Russia, Ukraine, Polish and Lithuanian with the accompaniment of the Lviv Chamber Orchestra “Academia” under direction of Igor Pylatyuka.
Selected participants of this year’s edition of the Forum received awards. However, the highlight of the forum was a meeting of young musicians.