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Left-handed and playing piano

Many parents wonder whether to let their left-handed child to go to the music school or not? Will the child be able to play well? Internet forums are full of such queries. With some help came other parents, who recall their experiences in this regard. “The left-hand is usually at the beginning very” audible”. “It’s a matter of practice, after some time all problems will disappear.
What about the issue of instruments for left-handers? Do they exist at all? Many music teachers recommend that students cello or violin. What if your left-handed child still prefers the keys?
Grand pianos and upright pianos are not built for the right or left-handed. As the construction of the instrument shows, the left hand controls the bass parts, the right and the Fiddle – explains Andrzej Kruszewski, the president of the Association of Polish piano tuners. So if anyone wants to play professionally, it’s possible to play as well with both hands. Lefties have to train your right hand, right handed – left.
The types of: grand pianos, upright piano, keyboard, accordion or bodies of most of the songs written in such a way, that the line “bass” is generally simpler and falls on his left hand. Therefore lefties must put a lot more effort to play the melody line, which is more difficult, with their right hand. Sometimes the left-handedness can help pianists. As we mentioned, most of the songs on the piano from the beginning of the study, at each level is written in such way, that it’s the narrator of the right hand, left makes accompaniment. After several years of that game right-handed pianists have problems with their left hand. They can see the big gap between one and the other hand. Lefties do not have a problem with that. After years of practice both hands are trained on the same level.
So, can left-handed playing a piano? Answer to the question is so simple. All people have the same opportunities. If they work so hard they can achieve perfection in playing on the instrument.