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Is playing the piano really so difficult?

From childhood each of us, even once, dreamed of playing the piano. Some of us even tried to play it. Is it so difficult? In age of the Internet, we can try to learn that with the help of the media alone. In the end, there are instructional videos on YT. Ymou can also buy multimedia programs… What is a teacher really needed for?
Playing the piano or grand piano should starts as early as possible. If someone wants to be a good and famous pianist best to start in the good music school.
What if someone wants to learn himself to play? Some people will say that it is difficult, and several years of practice are necessary, but others will say that is easy. In fact all depends on the student’s – enthusiasm, manual and music skills (listening, knowledge of musical notes, etc. . ). The rest is just a matter of practice.
Anyway, it takes time. After a few months of practice small results can be seen. The studen can play simple pieces. The teacher helps as possible. Says to play slowly and more carefully… and again… and again. He teaches sensitivity, articulation (sound extraction method etc. ). He also chooses adequate level of difficulty for the student.
Piano and grand piano are pretty difficult instruments, but it all depends on our commitment to music. In some cases, it is possible to play songs with very complicated fingering, after a few years. In others it can take a few months.
Did you already decide? Do you want to learn to play piano? If the answer is yes – try to practice every day, start with a warm up, stay focused. Exercise regularly and gradually!