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Is playing the piano helps the brain ?

Playing the piano isn’t  just an ambition of overzealous parents, who want their kids to play at family celebrations. Beautiful piano plying is the result of hundreds hours of practice. Intuitively, parents do for their children a good investment in their future. It turns out that the ability to play a keyboard instrument is very beneficial. And it’s scientifically proven ….

Playing the piano is the most complex complicated activity carried out with the help of the hands invented by humanity , because the mind to control the ball must run at the highest speed. Practical exercises improve also music coordination of both hands. The right and left hemispheres of the brain begin to function in a more harmonious way.

What was in the research? There were two experiments. The first group of people participated in 10 days electric piano traninig which lasted only 30 minutes a day.


They have never had contact with this type of musical activities before. This study was based only on learning how to play an instrument. The second experiment required division into three groups. Each group had a workout with varying degrees of difficulty. At each stage of the study , before the start and after the completion the experts measured the brain activity of subjects. The results were surprising. Even a short lesson of playing the instrument had a positive effect on the brain, while stimulating it and improving the coordination of both hands. The best results were seen in patients with the most intense workout.

The results of the study presented at the 22nd Meeting of the European Neurological Society, which was held in June 2012 in Prague. Elsie Houdayer from the University Hospital San Raffaele in Milan, summed up the study, ambidextrous training, conducted in right-handed people, it causes a significant improvement in dexterity of the left hand. Only 10 days of exercises under the supervision of professionals is sufficient to induce changes in the cerebral cortex.

One of the benefit of taking learning to play is to improve concentration. Learning also enriches the personality, refine the mind, the psyche collate and improve hand. And most importantly- you can start learning at any age. While the biggest benefits of science reference child whose mind is under intense development. Even if he resigns from playing, the benefits of playing won’t disappear.