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Everyone could feel like a pianist

On 1 June of 2013, there was organized an interesting event on he streets of New York. There were specially decorated, colorful upright and grand pianos. They remained there until June 16. Later, they were sent to schools, libraries and other places associated with music classes, where they will be used for the education of the youth  and others. It was one of the points of action organized by the Foundation “Sing for Hope”. The main aim of this foundation is to show that art is accessible to all.

” The Serpent ” in all its glory – foto: BASIA SALA-MAŚLANKA –

On the streets of New York, appeared in total 88 pianos, which is the same with number of keys in these instruments.
This was the third in turn event of this type. Tuned and ready for use pianos were waiting for any passer-by, who regardless of their musical skills could sit down at the keyboard and see how it feels to be a pianist. However, real musicians who gave regular concerts often sat with them. They gathered crowds of listeners, thanks to this music could reach all people for free.”Sing for Hope” collects heavily exploited and destroyed upright and grand pianos throughout the year. It obtains them from people and institutions that no longer need them. Upon appropriate restoration and tuning, foundation gives them for decoration to artists who had to demonstrate previous achievements.

Piano were ready on 16 May. On that day, the ceremony was held with the participation of all the artists and professional musicians. On all 88 instruments at 8:08 pm, was played Prelude C Major of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Instruments were not left unattended, but each had its protector. Upright and grand pianos were properly secured during night and rain (with use of special foil for protection against rain).

Red. on the base of “Nowy Dziennik”