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Does the Piano from Casablanca lost the value?

Do you remember the famous piano on which played Humphrey Bogart in? On this instrument was played the song “As Time Goes By” in one scene of the famous “Casablanca” in 1942. What is the value of this instrument, apart from sentimental?

“As Time Goes By” – Casablanca – by

You can find the instrument in a scene in the film “Casablanca”, when Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman) walks into the Cafe and says to pianist (Dooley Wilson): “Play it again, Sam”. Then, from the instrument flows the melody “As Time Goes By”.

Two years ago the piano was sold for more than $ 600,000 on the auction in New York. It was sold for $ 602,500 and turned out to be far below the expectations of the organizers. They expected the auction to end with the price two times greater then what was paid.


Before this auction, instrument belonged to a Japanese collector, who had paid for the grand piano more than 1 million dollars.