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11 awesome facts about piano

1. How much does a grand piano weigh?


[Tweet “On average a grand piano weights from 200 kg to 500 kg. It’s the same as city motorcycle or a small car”]

2. How many parts is a grand piano composed of?


[Tweet “Grand piano contains over 12000 parts, of which 10000 are moving. “]

3. How many strings does a grand piano have?


[Tweet “A grand piano has from 220 to 230 strings”]

4. What is a grand piano tonal range?


[Tweet “The piano covers the full spectrum of any instrument in the orchestra from below the lowest note of the double bassoon to above the top note of the piccolo.”]

5. What is the lowest sound in a piano?


[Tweet “The lowest sound in a piano is A2 – 27,5 Hz. Human sound frequency range starts at 16Hz.”]

6. What is the largest grand piano in the world?


[Tweet “The largest grand piano in the world is Stolëmowi Klawér. 6,04 meters long, 2,52 meters wide, 1,87 meters heigh and weighs 1,8 tons.”]

7. What is a combined string tension in a piano?


[Tweet ” Tt’s from 15 tons in baby grand piano to 30 tons in concert grand.
It means that piano’s iron frame, can hold an empty rail car.”]

8. A piano made of ice?


[Tweet “During 20th edition of International Festival of  Ice Sculpture in 2004 there was a piano in 100% made out of ice.”],nId,834457

9. What is the longest piano concert?


[Tweet “The Guinness world record is held by Polish musician and traveller Romuald Koperski. “]

10. How much does the most expensive piano cost?


[Tweet “Piano was sold to an anonymous bidder for a $3.22 million USD, making it most expensive piano on earth. It was specially made for 2008 Beijing olympics. The average Chinese would have to work for 223 to afford it. “]

11. Where is the  middle of a piano keyboard?


[Tweet “The middle point is between e1 and f1 in 1-line octave. “]